Edição Virtual: Daydreaming Machine

Editores: Cecília Magalhães, Manuel Portela

Sinopse: This edition contains selected texts from the Book of Disquiet. All texts include references to different types of media technologies (typewriter, printing, lithography, gramophone, photography, film, radio) either in relation to the practice of writing or in relation to sensation and perception. "Those who can write are those who know how to see their dreams with sharp clarity (and do so) and to see life as they see dreams, to see life immaterially, taking pictures of it with reverie’s camera, which is insensible to the rays of what’s heavy, useful and circumscribed, such things yielding nothing but a black blur on the photographic plate of the soul." (BNP/E3, 7-35-36, translation by Richard Zenith) "I’m an ultrasensitive photographic plate. All details are engraved in me out of all proportion to any possible whole. The plate fills up with nothing but me. The outer world that I see is pure sensation. I never forget that I feel." (BNP/E3, 9-49, translation by Richard Zenith) "And it is then, in the middle of life’s bustle, that my dream becomes a marvellous film." (BNP/E3, 2-79r, translation by Richard Zenith) "On rainy days his talking never became mournful, and he would cry out – sure of his shelter – a constant sentiment that hovered in the sadness like a phonograph before its time." (BNP/E3, 2-89 3-2, translation by Richard Zenith).

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