Edição Virtual: Leitura Crítica 1

Editores: Ana Marques, Cecília Magalhães, Manuel Portela

Sinopse: The Virtual Edition "LdoD-ReCritica1" (Leitura Crítica 1) contains fragments and texts from the "Book of Disquiet" that have been directly referenced or quoted in the reception documents. When relevant, specific citations within each fragment or text have been highlighted and annotated. Whenever possible, texts have been selected from the specific edition of the "Book of Disquiet" that is being quoted in the reception document (i.e., they belong to one of the following transcriptions: authorial witnesses as transcribed by the LdoD Archive team; JPC, TSC, RZ or JP transcriptions). Annotations to the fragments or to the quoted passages refer back to the context of the article, essay or review in which those quotes appear. This Virtual Edition is thus an integral part of the "Critical Reading of the Book of Disquiet" module of the "LdoD Archive". The "Critical Reading of the Book of Disquiet" module is a self-contained module within the "LdoD Archive: A Collaborative Archive of the Book of Disquiet". This module contains a selection of documents that are representative of the reception of the "Book of Disquiet" by expert readers. Various types of reception documents have been included: prefaces by editors and translators of the "Book of Disquiet"; research articles and essays in academic journals; book reviews of particular editions; adaptations and transmediations of the work.

Taxonomia: Leitura Crítica 1

429 Fragmentos: